Brand Styling & Website Process


#1. Initial Questionairre

First , you'll fill out a questionnaire, intentionally designed to ask you questions that will give us insight into the structure and styling of your future site. We'll send the questionnaire as soon as you are signed on as a client so we can start asap!

- questionnaire
- your to-do's in a handy checklist
- initial payment

#2. Deliver Content

Before we officially begin the project, you will need to gather all the content together you'd like to feature on your site. This will include photos, company information, offerings, your mission statement, your "about" statement, etc. You'll create a Pinterest board, pin your inspiration images and add us as a collaborator. Don't worry, we will include all of these items in a handy checklist in the questionnaire.

- pinterest board (add thestoriedco)
- gather content items

#3. Brand Identity

Next we begin developing your branding concept based on your questionnaire and responses and Pinterest board. We will present a mood board, color palette, pattern(s) and 2-3 fonts. You'll review and provide feedback and we'll make any adjustments.  Then we'll use the branding elements to develop three logos. You'll choose your favorite and we'll refine with two more rounds of feedback.

- mood board
- color palette
- pattern(s)
- 2 to 3 fonts
- 3 logos
- secondary logo

#4. Website Wireframes

We'll provide a site homepage wireframe and we will review it together for feedback. Essentially this is the "mapping out" phase. At this point, we nail down the flow and layout of your homepage. You will be able to move content sections of your site around, if desired.  

- wireframe

#5. Website Design

After the wireframe is agreed upon and ready to go, we'll begin programming and designing your website homepage based on the wireframe and your new branding! You'll have two rounds of feedback on the homepage. Once the homepage is complete, we will create the rest of the pages on your website. You'll have up to two rounds of review on each of those pages.

- website programming & design

#7. Delivery of Content & Files

Project is complete! You're final payment is due before the final files are delivered. We'll deliver a branding board, final logo files and font files. We will create a custom video outlining how you can manage your new website for yourself. If you would like to purchase any "extras" like an invoice design, we'll organize timing and complete it within three days.

- final files
- video tutorial
- final payment