Social Media Process


#1. Initial Questionairre

First , you'll fill out a questionnaire, intentionally designed to ask you questions that will give us insight into the heart and styling of your brand. You'll need to give us access to your social accounts at this point. We'll send the questionnaire as soon as you are signed on as a client so we can start asap.

- questionnaire
- payment for services

#2. Content Delivery & Tool Setup

You will gather content (brand copy, logos & photographs, events) we can utilize for social media posts and upload to dropbox, google drive, or transfer via WeTransfer (an easy-to-use large file transfer service.) Don't worry, we'll include a pre-launch checklist for you to keep organized!

There are two tools that we'll use to manage your accounts efficiently. We'll send you links to purchase these monthly services. It will be under $50/month, but very necessary. You'll need to download two corresponding apps on your phone.

- gather content
- purchase social media tools

#3. Discovery

We officially begin by working on your social media content calendar and social accounts, we'll conduct industry research and review market competition.  We'll send you our strategy and you will provide your feedback at that point before we start scheduling content and building out your content calendar.

- research and development
- strategy

#4. Content Calendar Creation

We'll develop your content calendar according to the plan outlined above, and schedule all content on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We will edit your photos so that they appear to all be a part of the same cohesive aesthetic. For example depending on your specific brand, the photos could be edited to be rustic, pastel, etc. Note that photo editing is not something we teach, but is a skill learned over time. We will however give you tips for editing your own photos once we are done.

- content calendar planning
- content curation
- content scheduling (photos, links to articles, announcements, text)
- photo editing

#6. Delivery of Content & Files

Project is complete! We'll deliver your custom social media plan and content strategy. All social content will be scheduled in advance and populate your social accounts according to that schedule. If you purchased one month only, this will be the end of the project.

If you would like to have us continue managing your social accounts after the first month, make sure to the plan at least one week before your next month's content needs to be live. You can purchase month by month right here on the site, easy!

- social media handover
- custom video tutorial