Day 4: Twitter Profile Optimization


I've met a lot of business owners who don't believe Twitter is worth their effort & time investment. While this is a personal choice you must make for your own brand/blog, mist people expect reputable brands to have a presence on Twitter. Even if you don't plan on actively contributing to Twitter everyday, there are still things you can do to optimize your page so that when people do find it and come to it. Why not?! You can funnel these people to your website and encourage them to connect with you on other platforms that you spend more time on.

These next four steps will make your Twitter profile a traffic generating powerhouse...with just a little bit of attention. Today's exercise shouldn't take you more than 45 mins to complete and by the end you will have a STRATEGIC, OPTIMALLY formatted profile that will drive traffic to your website. 

1. Your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is the area for you to explain what it is that you do. You only have 140 characters to sum it all up in a nice little package. 

1. Part one of your Twitter Bio
State what you do in a concise sentence. Don't worry about having a perfect sentence here, like with social media have a little leeway here to shorten words or create a fragmented sentence. 

2. Call to action
Provide a juicy offer to your Twitter profile visitor. This is where you most want to funnel traffic on your site but that ALSO gives value to the reader. You should not link to a sales page or product page...that only serves you and not the visitor. This will most likely alienate the visitor and you will have lost a future customer. It's much better to start the relationship on the right foot but offering the customer something of value that you have created.

3. Include a URL to your value proposition
Use a link shortening service like Bitly (which is what I like to use) to shorten this link. You can erase everything before the "b" in bitly in the link. the https and www are not needed for the link to work. 

  • Tip: Customize your Bitly link for and average of 33% more clicks. Click here to learn how it's done.

2. Your Profile Photo

What is The Twitter profile photo: This is the circle on the left side of the page directly above your bio and below the cover photo. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your profile photo for Twitter. Your image should be a photo of you. Sharing a photo of yourself lets your audience connect with you on a deeper level and puts a real face behind your content. People like to know who it is they are dealing with! I know I do. Just as with the previous social accounts your updated, don't use your logo for your profile image, it doesn't come across nearly as personally as a face shot will and it won't create an emotional connection. Creating an emotional connection is just as important as providing the visitor with value right away.

Action: Upload the photo you took on day one and make it your profile image. You already did the work to make this photo the best it can be. All you need to do now is put it on Twitter and move to the next step below.


3. Your Cover Photo

What is The Twitter cover photo: This is the large photo that takes up the whole screen width at the very top of your Twitter.

This is the largest area on your profile and page, and you can control what it displays. It's underutilized, precious real estate where you can SHOW that you are worth the follow (or click to your website).

There are two types of images you can use to make your cover photo effective and demand attention from the viewer. 

Here are the two best cover photo options:

  • Reinforce your value proposition (lead magnet) 
  • Display an image that shows you as a leader & expert:


3. The Pinned Tweet

Twitter gives you the ability to "pin" (or stick) a Tweet to the very top of your profile feed. This is super helpful because everyone who comes to your profile page will see it. Yay!

Because of this, you should really make this Tweet count...and work for you. Below are the six steps you should take in order to create an AMAZING pinned Tweet that will lead to more RTs, likes and clicks to your website.

1. Choose a valuable piece of content you can link to: 

Create a conversational Tweet that links to a post on your website. The post/ebook/cheatsheet/recipe book/etc. should be HIGHLY valuable to the reader and should be closely related to your overall niche. 

2. Write out a Tweet: Write a conversational Tweet in the tone of your brand that tells the visitor to your Twitter page why they should click your link. 

For Example, a pinned Tweet I have used is "Work all kinds of MAGIC on your blog post titles w/ this free're only a few clicks away. Click to get the cheatsheet:"

3. Show Value: Show the value of what you offer.

In the Tweet above, I used the words "use all kinds of magic" and "cheatsheet" to entice the profile visitor to click my link. These words communicate the value they will recieve when they click the link in my pinned Tweet.

  • Tip 1: Make sure you have a subscribe form at the end of the page of your site that you are funneling the visitor to.

4. Shorten the Link: Use a link shortening service like Bitly (which is what I like to use)

  • Tip: Customize your Bitly link for and average of 33% more clicks. Click here to learn how it's done.

5. Add an Image: Tweets with images receive much more engagement than text based Tweets. The best thing to do is to create a custom graphic using software like Canva (easy to use & free) or Photoshop (more advanced & paid). If you are signed up with Buffer's paid plan, you can use their software called Pablo to create custom graphics. 

  • If you don't create a custom graphic, the next best thing is to use an engaging, on-brand image. My favorite place to find imagery for FREE is Unsplash. They have thousands of FREE images you can download for free that don't com across as overly staged. 
  • The photo below is a good example of a great, attention grabbing FREE image I found on Unsplash that would work great for your pinned Tweet.
shannon-whittington-108065-unsplash (1).jpg

6. Pin the Tweet: Make your pin live and then click on the little downward facing arrow in the upper right corner of your Tweet. A dropdown will appear, then click "pin to your profile page". Done! Your Tweet will stick to the top of your profile until you want to remove it. 

Congrats on finishing today's lesson! Done correctly, this Twitter profile set up will drive clicks and convert profile visitors, to website visitors...and hopefully email list subscribers!

I'll see you again tomorrow for your bonus day goodie. We'll be optimizing your subscribe form to capture more email addresses and convert more website visitors into devoted tribe members.