Custom Logo Process


#1. Initial Questionairre

First , you'll fill out a form, intentionally designed to ask you questions that will give us insight into the structure and styling of your future logo & branding. We'll send the questionnaire as soon as you are signed on as a client so we can start asap.

#2. Deliver Content

Before we officially begin your project, you will create a Pinterest board and give us access to it. This pinterest board will contain inspiration for your branding project.

#3. Brand Identity

Next we begin developing your branding concept based on your questionnaire and responses and Pinterest board. We will present a mood board, color palette, pattern(s) and 2-3 fonts. You'll review once and provide feedback; we'll make desired adjustments.  

#5. Logo Design

Then we'll use the branding elements to develop three logos based on  your new branding elements! You'll have three rounds of feedback on your chosen logo. 

#6. Delivery of Content & Files

Project is complete! We'll deliver a branding board, Final logo files and font files.