How Do I Order?

You can order our Grow Your Own Kit from our Etsy Store.

Why Can't I Order Fresh Microgreens Online?

Because we are a small business, we want to make certain that when you order, we have the right amount of seeds, and space in our greenhouses to fulfill your order. However, you can send us an email with your order and we will confirm as quickly as possible with all the details. (Farmer at quantummicrogreens.com)

I Am a Local Chef and Am Looking For Ongoing Microgreens. Can You Do Regular Orders?

Yes! Just remember that your first order(s) will be delayed by the intitial growing period. Each subsequent order will be planted according to when you want deliveries. For example, if you want deliveries of sunflower shoots every 5 days, your first order will start in about 10 days. But your subsequent deliveries will be...

We will work it out. We do deliver

How Do I Get My Order?

Tuesday 2:30-6pm - Coronado Ferry Landing
Thursdays 3:00-7:30 - North Park
Saturday 8-12pm- Pacific Beach

Which Farmer's Markets in San Diego Are You At ?

Because we grow our seeds outdoors, the time it takes to grow our greens can vary. For example, in the summer, in the heat, some of our greens grow in just 7 days. But in the fall/winter, they may take over 15 days. When you order, we plant your microgreens, and give you an estimate of when your greens will be ready.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

I Am A Caterer, Can I Order Now For An Event I'm Catering Next Month?

Yes! Depending on the type of microgreen you are interested in (for example, basil and cilantro take about 3 weeks), we can grow your microgreens to be ready by whatever date you need.

I'm A Chef/Caterer/Food Enthusiast and I Want to Create A Custom Micro Blend, Do You Do Custom Blends?

Yes! We can do any blend of our current offerings. If you are interested in a microgreen that we do not currently grow, we are open to trying out new flavors. Just ask!

Not yet, but we would like to. If you have any markets you'd like to see us in, please let us know.

Are you in any grocery stores?

Why yes! When in season, we have radish flowers, arugula flowers, dianthus, nasturtium, borage, and more! You can buy bouquets of edible flowers from us at our farmer's markets.

Do You Grow Edible Flowers?


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