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5 hacks to do right now to
level-up your branding in 2018

You are a blogger with #GOALS and a capital "G". You've made the decision to start getting serious. Fantastic, you're already leaps and bounds ahead of most percent of blogs out there. You're here to do work, so let's do it.

One thing you'll learn about me is that I am all about the ACTION. As a rising blogger with a never ending to-do list, you need to know what to do, and how to do it...fast. I'm willing to bet that your time is a hot commodity these days, right? So, without further ado, let's get cracking on these 5 POWERFUL HACKS you can literally do right now to level-up your branding...

#1. what's your blogs branding status...

We've already gone over this one but it is so important that it just needs to be here on this list. Three very specific descriptive words for your brand, avoid anything overly generic. Write down the words that come to mind. These are important!

Ideally these three words compliment your blogs visuals. Do they? If, you're on the right track with your branding from a continuity standpoint. You may still not know like whats going on with your visuals, but you are on the right track. Let's celebrate the little wins! If the words you brainstormed do not compliment your blog's visuals, it's time to buckle down on your branding. But at least you know now, and that's half the battle. 

#2. brand your writing

Confused by that title? Now, there is a ton that goes into writing and I can't possibly evn scratch the surface in a brief post. But, have I GOT something good for you. Real good. This list is all about taking action and implementing asap so I'm sharing an AWESOME little secret that really is worth it's weight in gold.

Take out the notepad and jot down descriptive words that jive with your three overall words. Whats the hack? Use these words in your writing whenever it feels natural, and at least one per blog.  


#4. know your avatar

Not Avatar like the movie, no. Avatar= your ideal client! You may have done some kind of work on this before under a different name if you've ever taken a marketing class or written a business proposal, "finding your ideal customer." Now, every single time you write something, think of this one avatar (ideal customer) and pretend you are writing directly to them. I am giddy just thinking about how much this one little tip can transform your blog. Powerful stuff.


#5. Know the unique value you bring

Find your unique value, and then make it known. Create a tagline that embodies exactly what it is that makes your blog unique. This is also known as the "hook." Once you have that tagline, blast it EVERYWHERE. Update your social media profile to include your newly established point of differentiation. Also update your Essentially, you need to make it part of your blog's LIFE FORCE. For example, your not just another beauty blogger, your a blogger on a mission to , or you 


You really don't know just how excited I am to watch you flourish and implement this tip-goldmine.  OK, let's get to know each other shall we lady?



I'm Kelly, brand stylist & chocolate enthusiast

This is...well, this is me doing a selfie (you want the real me right, not the polished up fake version after all!)


Well guess what...that's the same thing people want to see from YOUR brand, which is you blog. THEY WANT TO SEE THE REAL YOU. In no industry is that more true than blogging. You want to go professional and get paid to live life on your terms, you need to treat your blog like the business that it is. That means getting crystal clear on your branding and creating an online "home" (your blog) that looks and feels like the best version of YOU possible. But you already know that right?

I teach the SECRETS TO HACK your branding so you can get where you want to be with your blog WAYY, wayyyy faster. I've done the work. I've worked for a decade in the digital design and marketing fields. Before founding The Storied Co, I hired bloggers on a daily basis to create branded content for a variety of companies on behalf of an agency. I absolutely loved working with bloggers! But ultimately, I knew I could help bloggers more by empowering them to create epic branding that they could really finally be proud of. I want you to cut through all the clutter out there and take advantage of my secrets and hard learned tactics so that you can accelerate ahead and create that profitable blog you've only dreamed of.

You, blogger babe, are the advertising of the future, future we are living in RIGHT NOW. No blogging is not dead, far from it. Especially when you harness the power of on-point branding, social media & your unique content.


are you ready to invest in
professional branding?

Elite-Blogger Logo Package

If you are ready to really go for it and get a professional (me) to help make your brand amazing. Do I have a sweet deal for you that I am so excited about.

I've never done this before, but right now, I'm offering my branding + logo suite for just $500, that I normally charge $1500 bucks for (already a deal in todays market!). This is a savings of $1,000. I repeat, a savings of $1,000. 

Here's a few examples of our work so you can get a feel for our style! Main logos are in the left column & secondary logos are in the right column. You get both with the Elite-Blogger Logo Package.  

Main Logo Examples

Secondary Logo Examples


Regular price: $1500

Our best ever price, today: $500


You'll be hard pressed to find a professional designer that "get's" you as a blogger that offers anywhere near that price for custom branding. We've done that research.

Why am I offering such a low price? Two reasons #1) This offer won't last forever, this is a spacial offer that I have never offered before  #2) I want to help as many bloggers as I can to reach their full potential. I am a big believer in the relevance of influencer (you!) marketing.

Ok ready to finally be proud of your blog? Click below lady!


Here's what you'll get:

- I have questions for you: You fill out an initial questionnaire to get to the heart of your blog

- We Pinterest together: We'll collaborate on a secret Pinterest board together that I set up.

- Mood board Creation: I'll create a mood board with 5-9 pix. When we're done, the mood board will capture the spirit of your blog.

- Color Selection: There is an art to color selection...it's gotta flow with the mood of your brand! I'll select colors and textures that are the perfect compliment.

- Main Logo Design: Your logo is the cornerstone of your blog, conveying so much info in one little design. It's important, a strong logo denotes a strong brand. And people are drawn to strong brand. I'll present three ideas to you, you'll choose one, and I'll refine from there. If needed, you can have another round of revision but usually we can get it at one round!

Secondary Logo Design: Once the main logo is complete (yay!) I'll crate a similar, but tweaked version you can use to brand things things like watermark, social media posts, printed materials, etc. It's nice to have two!

- Font Selection: Like colors, choosing fonts is an art. There is so much in a font, don't even get me started! We'll select 2-3 fonts for your logo and your blog.

- Branding Board: I'll pull all of the elements above together to make a branding board. This is like your brand guide you can reference. I suggest printing it and hanging it up where you blog most.

- What You Actually Receive: You'll get a digital file of all fonts to download to your computer, logo files, mood board PDF, branding board PDF.  

- Plus for $100 extra, totally your choice here, you have the option to add-on business card design. All set and ready for upload to MOO or Vistaprint, your choice.) Just let me know BEFORE we wrap the project so you get to take advantage of this special price, OK?!

A Little Client Love

I was really unsure about the design concept I was looking for but Kelly was able to take my initial thoughts and turn it into a beautiful design. She somehow knew exactly what I was looking for before I even realized it! The turnaround time was much quicker than I expected with very quick email responses. I now feel so much more confident about my business because my website, business cards and logos look so professional and sophisticated. Kelly’s design work has helped my business exponentially. Will definitely look to Kelly for any additional creative work.
— anna, dating rehab NYC
Kelly, If you only knew how often customers compliment the logo you created for my business! You took my sloppy sketch and transformed it to a beautiful, effective, and memorable logo. It is relevant, meaningful, and perfect. Thanks again.

P.S. -  Congrats on making it to the end of the page, that means you're really serious about improving. You have nothing but support from me :)  Plus now you're equipped with the 5 key actionable items above. Score. Because you are so awesome and I just LOVE watching bloggers craft their blogs into beautiful, on-brand machines, right now i'm offering you access to the Definitive Blog Post Title Strategy Cheatsheet as another little gift from me to you.

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