7 Best Reasons Why You Should Download The Muses App ASAP

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Download The Muses App ASAP.png

Hi Friends...I recently made a discovery in the app world I just know you are going to LOVE. What I know, you know...so let's get you up to speed. The Muses app, available on Iphone iOS, is a collaboration and networking platform just for bloggers. I can't wait to tell you all about it in this post. 

I make a point to research and follow influencer resources, especially having worked in the industry myself at one of the biggest influencer agencies out there...let me tell you, you learn a thing or two about these things. If you're serious about blogging then you really, really should join at least a few, but I digress.

Ok let's get into the reasons why you should take notice (and join) the Muses community.

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Download The Muses App ASAP.jpg

1. You Can Make Money

As you grow your audience, you'll most likely notice you'll get a surge in emails and DMs about potential offers. Yay! But wait...you'll notice that many of these offers are either not suited to you at all, or they are just not worth your time with little value to you.

You may have been attempting to contact brands on your own with cold emails or DMs. Notoriously unsuccessful ways to get brand to notice you and work with you. Ok ok, I have seen this work...but there are more time effective ways to do this.

The Muses app makes it easy to accept & decline opportunities with the click of a button. Way easy.



Groups, offers and paid opportunities await in the Muses App and from what I've seen...there are new ones each and every day. The best part is that if you don't currently see any ops you are interested in...you can create your own instantly and easily. 


3. You Get The Pulse of the Industry

In the business of online content, stating up to day with the industry at large and your area or expertise is a necessity. Change is synonymous with all things tech at this point in time and as a blogger you've got to be vigilant about learning and adapting. It's not as scary as it sounds, don't worry. The Muses App is one of those sources where you can get the pulse all wrapped up in a nice package.


4. An Easy to Use Interface

You might be thinking that you've seen all this kind of stuff before in the form of Facebook Groups, Influencer networks and even just by simple DM on social media. What is so unique and special about the Muses App is that you have access to it all in one place, wherever you go. The interface is simple and easy to use. 


5. Your First 5 Collabs Are FREE

I'm the type of person who needs to try before she buys..are you the same? The Muses App allows you join the community for free and join up to five collaborations, which is awesome. Once you hit your five, you can continue to browse and network! If you were happy with the results of your collabs, you have the option to level up your membership and invest $9.99 to have access to 10 collabs per month. There is also a higher tier (19.99 per month) unlimited level above that.


6. You Can Explore Interests & Industries

Carving out your niche and working within that space is essential to a highly engaged tribe of loyal followers (+ future customers!). Muses makes it easy to find like-minded bloggers so that you can network and build relationships.

I also really love the Muses App motto..."Friends who grow together, stay together." Kinda explains the whole idea all in one sentence!


7. Resource Center

The Muses App is of course primarily an app, but there's also a website where you can go for further info, in their resources or blog section. Just another place you can go to make sure you on it when it comes to blogging like a pro. You can also come here to thestoriedco.com too, of course :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about why I'm loving the Muses App! I'd love to hear what you think , have you tried it out?

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