4 Optimal Things You Need To-Do Before You Pin on Pinterest


1. Pin Long Vertical Images 

Long images take up more space in the Pinterest feed and demand attention. Studies show that Long images perform overwhelmingly better than shorter, rectangle or square images.

Action: Make sure your images are at least 2:3 width to height ratio.

2. Strategize Your Images

Choose captivating imagery with a light or bright background. These types of images have been proven to gain more clicks and repins. 

You want your pins to be interesting to look at as well as have interesting written words. If your image is too "busy", then when you add words...you're pin is going to look like there's too much goin on. It's got to be easy for the viewer to read, and pleseant for them to look at. 

Pinterest is a planning tool after all. People use Pinterest to generate ideas and plan things coming up in their lives. Most people want to plan for beautiful things!  

3. Use Overlay Text

Don't be afraid to mix up your fonts to ad a little design to your pins, but don't overdo it. Stick to 1-3 fonts max and strive for LEGIBLE fonts. Some fonts are beautiful or cool looking but are hard to read...avoid those fonts even though you might like the way they look. 

Use compelling text to hook the viewer and get them to click and repin your pins. A good practice is to use your blog post title as the text of your pin.

Make sure you use bright text on your pins. You want your pin to stand out from the rest of the pins on the page AND make sure it stands out from your background image. 

4. Don't Forget the Pin Description

Your pin description is super important so don't skip this part. Think of the top two to three keywords someone might look up to discover your Pin. Use those keywords to form 2-3 sentences that describes what your pin is all about. 

Try to tease out what the viewer will get or learn if they click through...Which brings me to my next point...

5.  Include a CTA

For the non-marketing people out there, CTA stands for "Call To Action." Example of call to action statements are "learn more", "sign up" or "buy now." Its basically the action you as the marketer want the user to take to guide them where you want traffic to flow. 

At the end of your pin description, use an appropriate CTA and tell the viewer what to do. I like to use these on my pins:

- Click Now
- Click to see more
- Repin this for future reference
- Click here

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