7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Blog...Yesterday


Are you wondering if your brand needs a blog? Or, have you been meaning to start a blog for your business but you don't have time? Maybe you think you don't need a blog, or you don't think of yourself as a "blogger"...

Well, if any of these things are true for you..in short, they are bad reasons. Sorry to break it to you, but really, I'm not sorry because you'll love the results you see. You'll have more website visitors, sales, followers and bigger fan base.

You're business really, really needs YOU to start a blog right now. Here's why:


1. Search Engines can "See" Your Business

Search engines like Google, for instance, crawl you website and figure out what your website is all about. If you don't have fresh & consistent content for the engine to crawl, the search engine will not see your website as an authority or worth showing to lots of people. Oh no...that's not good at all. You want lots of people to see your site and visit it right? So that means you've got to have new content going live regularly.

When you create new blog posts on a schedule, you give search engines lots of words and images that help it see your website as an important website in your specific field. And remember: when you don't have regular content going live...search engines won't bother showing your website when someone enters a words related to your business into the search engine.

2. Adds Value for Your Customers

Your current and potential customers like what you sell. They are interested in your products or services, so you should cater your customers by providing them with valuable information, entertainment and inspiration related to what you do or sell.

Blog posts are a great way to achieve this and it doesn't cost you any more money than what you spend setting up your blog. 

3. A reason to reach out

When you write a blog post, you have a reason email your customers and future customers. Remember, a blog post should provide value to the client...so you can email your client or potential client with something (a link to your post) that they will find useful, inspirational or entertaining. It's much better than reaching out with a sales pitch and nothing else...the sales pitch benefits you, not your client. 


4. Blog Posts are Highly Shareable

People LOVE sharing valuable things with their friends, and blog posts are perfect for this! If you don't have a blog...you won't have much to share, at least not on a consistent basis. Blog posts are super easy to share on social media with just a simple click of a button. The more shares there are means more traffic to your site and more eyeballs on your offerings. 

5.easy to Generate repeat visitors

If you don't have new information on your website, then chances are, a single visitor doesn't have a reason to go back to your website. If the visitor gets ALL the information you have on visit #1...they are probably not coming back. If you have new content coming up all the time...say in blog posts, your website visitors have new reasons all the time to come back to your site. 

Studies show that someone needs to see something 5-7 times before they buy or take action. So give them a reason to keep coming back and visiting your home on the web with new blog posts.

6. Reinforces you As an authority on your topic

Whatever industry you're in, you want to be viewed as an authority in the field. Creating consistent valuable blog posts allows you to position yourself as a relevant expert and stay on top of trends. The more content there is leading back to your website...the more popular your website will be. 

7. provides you with Social Media Content

Coming up with new things to post on social media can be hard when you don't have a blog. You end up posting other businesses content or you don't post at all. While you should post some content from other websites that your audience would find useful or valuable...not posting ANY of your own content is a huge waste. You could be driving lots of traffic to your own website!

Blog posts give you something to post that benefits your clients/customers and ALSO benefits YOU since you'll receive more traffic to your blog.

The time is now. Make your mark online,