About Us

Nothing is quite so personal as the food we choose to nourish ourselves with. Food heals, brings people together, nourishes, and comforts.  It must be fresh, delicious, and versatile.

One With Nature

At Quantum Microgreens, our seeds are not genetically modified.  We don’t use pesticides or herbacides.  We grow in peat, with some help from earthworm castings, and various other all natural soil-less minerals like vermiculite--you know, stuff you might find in the dirt.  

We grow microgreens exposed to the outdoors with natural sunlight and fluctuations in temperature from day-to-night and from summer-to-winter. Microgreens are drought friendly.

After harvesting, roots and leftover microgreen stems become food for our chickens, worms, quail, or compost.  We reuse our growing trays, and will even reuse the trays bought by our market customers.  Our goal is to grow in step with nature and provide great, nutritious food for our community.

Meet the Owners

Melissa Canales and Taylor McDonald with Microgreens

Melissa Canales and Taylor McDonald with Microgreens

Melissa & Taylor

Neither of us thought we'd ever own a farming business, but here we are!  Melissa was practicing law for a nonprofit specializing in special education law.  Taylor was in real estate.  Now we grow food.